Hello and welcome to Blissfully Writing, a podcast for readers, writers and listeners. My name is Libby Broadbent, and if you have found yourself here then I hope you are looking for one of two things. Or both things. Or like me, All Of The Things. Perhaps you are a reader, a lover of story, of narrative, of fiction in all its forms including audio books. Perhaps you are looking for a podcast that is pure story… an audio book that is lighthearted and easy to listen to as you commute, or walk, or relax. This is the podcast for you! Season one offers the novel “Lily’s Valley”, read by the author, where you can listen to the novel from beginning to end, in 20 minute episodes, without commentary or interruption. Those episodes are clearly titled by chapter, with the first episode offering you a blurb of what the book is about to pique your interest.

But perhaps you are looking for more than just a narrative. Perhaps, you, like me, are a writer, a maker, a creator of all manner of things and you want to dig a little deeper into the creative process, the how and why of writing. Blissfullee Writing offers supplementary episodes where I explore the writing process. Where do ideas come from? How does a story come to life on the page? What is inspiration and technique and writer’s block and process? Writing is a lonely old business, you, and if you are like me, you are always seeking to learn more and dig deeper into source of where our stories live.

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