Lily’s Valley – Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of “Lily’s Valley”, by Libby Broadbent. “Lily’s Valley” was a finalist in the 36th Atlantic Writing Competition hosted by the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia.

Newly widowed and unemployed, with a fifteen-year-old daughter whose only wish is to live at the mall, Erin has nothing left to lose. Much against Cass’s wishes, the two drive across Canada in a rusty camper van loaded with a stinky weiner dog, a box of stale Mars bars and Erin’s childhood dream of renovating an old barn into a pub. Olive, her difficult grandmother, offers a home, security and a future in Sackville, New Brunswick, but the old homestead on the marsh harbours secrets within its walls and the ghost of a young girl whose voice cries on the wind. Their lives are colored by lies buried for decades, and it is only Cass’s determination to find the answers that can set them free, or send them all up in flames