Maker’s Episode 1: What drives your creativity?

So excited! First Maker’s episode! This is a supplement to the reading of Lily’s Valley, which you can find on the Blissfully Writing podcast. In Maker’s episodes we discuss creativity and the why and the how of Making All The Things. Today our topic is … what drives you?

Creating is hard! It is much easier to NOT Make All The Things, to let someone else create, to be a spectator of the creative process rather than a participant… yet it is a compulsion! The Things MUST be Made, and for some mad reason, YOU, as a Maker, feel compelled to MAKE! Where does that drive come from? What questions are you driven to answer? Which voice in your head is the loudest, the voice that says you can’t, or the voice that says you CAN?

Your take-away points:

  • Making is hard, but we love it!
  • Dig deep and try to understand WHY you’re doing it?
  • What are the questions you need to answer?
  • Let your answers be louder than your negations.

I hope this helps you the Make The Things! If you would like to listen to Lily’s Valley in short episodes, you can start with Episode 1 right here.

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