Maker’s Episode 2: Limits as a Path to Creativity

In our second Maker’s episode we are exploring Limits. Structure. This is all about how to take that expansive creative drive that gives you the ideas and the epic excitement about your project…and helps you figure out how to actually make it appear in the world!


I write in the early hours of the day. We’re talkin’… early! In a busy life, how can you carve out a schedule that works for you? What can you remove from your life… hint: scrolling… or add to your life to accommodate your creative necessity?


Is it possible to work on your project for eight hours straight? Only if you are blessed with that kind of time!            JK Rowling tells us to “be ruthless about protecting your writing days” but most of us only have moments, snatched on the go –  in between This, That and the Other Thing. I say, “be ruthless about carving out your structure and your limits and sticking to them!” 


How do you evaluate your productivity? How do you know you’re making headway on a project? We take a look at the Nanowrimo premise of 1600 words a day. Create a goal and stick to it, and the results will follow.

Neil Gaiman, my author-crush, says:

“This is how you do it. You sit down at the keyboard and put one word after the other until it is done. It is that easy. And that hard.”

Your take-away points:

  • Create a schedule that works for you by sacrificing screen-time, or sleep-time, or vacant-brain-time.
  • Carve out thirty minute time blocks to Make The Things. Those blocks will add up and your project will grow!
  • Set a goal to track your productivity. Mine is 1600 words a day for a writing project. How can you create a structure that will motivate you to make progress?

I hope this helps you the Make The Things! If you would like to listen to Lily’s Valley in short episodes, you can start with Episode 1

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  1. These tips on setting limits in order to schedule time for your creativity I find very helpful for other creatives. Thank you for sharing your story and your advice that led to your success as a writer.

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