Maker’s Episode 4 – On Having Enough

There is a huge difference between being enough and having enough. If you are listening to this podcast, Maker’s Episode 4, if you are embarking on a creative project, if you are daring to express yourself in any way possible but you don’t feel that you are enough of a writer, artist, Maker… you need to reframe your self doubt into an understanding that you  have enough of what you need to progress into more.  Are you scared that your writing isn’t good, that your painting isn’t lifelike, that your yoga practice isn’t bendy? If you can embrace the thought that you HAVE enough already inside you, then you have enough skill to start, you have enough interest to explore, you have enough curiosity to pursue your project.

Having enough, as a starting point, allows you to begin.

If you are sitting at your page or your canvas or your mat… then you have enough. You have made it this far… you have the passion, the drive, the interest, the curiosity… you have enough to get you started on a bold and exciting creative existence beyond the limitations of your negative self-talk that tells you that you can’t. Sure you may have a long way to go, you may have a lot of work to do… but you have enough of what it takes to start.

To grow.

To become more.

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